First Post and Official 2016 Tour Announcement

The Dins of 2016

The Dins of 2016

Hello and welcome to the official blog of the Harvard Din & Tonics! Here you'll receive updates on the Dins' movements and adventures as we sing and travel around the world (in just under 80 days).

For our first order of business, we are very excited to announce our 2016 World Tour! Since the early 1990s, in each even-numbered year the Dins have gone on a ten-week summer tour bringing our unique blend of a cappella, jazz, and comedy around the world. You can read more about tour traditions and see some pictures from previous tours here.

In just a few short weeks, we will be embarking on our next journey and we want to take you with us! Throughout this coming summer, we will be sharing our best stories, photos, and other memories from each location we visit with you through this blog. Be sure to check it often to stay up-to-date with our worldly exploits.

We'll be making our first official tour post around the time we get to our first stop in Reykjavík, Iceland. In the meantime, here's a list of dates and locations for this tour:

May 28 - June 1: Reykjavik, Iceland
June 1 - June 5: London, United Kingdom
June 5 - June 9: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
June 9 - June 14: Switzerland
June 14 - June 18: Strasbourg, France
June 18 - June 22: Paris, France
June 22 - June 24: Luxembourg
June 24 - June 27: Monaco

July 1 - July 5: Osaka, Japan
July 5 - July 7: Tokyo, Japan
July 7 - July 9: Choshi, Japan
July 9 - July 12: Shanghai, China
July 12 - July 13: Beijing, China
July 13 - July 20: Hong Kong
July 20 - July 24: Bangkok, Thailand
July 24 - July 31: Singapore
July 31 - August 5: Sydney, Australia
August 5 - August 8: San Francisco, USA

If you happen to be in any of these areas at these times, let us know via e-mail or our Facebook page and we'll give you a list of performances! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to spread our music to all these places, and even more so to be able to share our experiences with you.

Signing off,
Ethan Craigo #237

The Harvard Din & Tonics

The Harvard Din & Tonics are Harvard University’s signature jazz a cappella singing group, known around the world for their rich tradition of excellence in both music and performance. With a repertoire centered on the American jazz standards of the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s, these Harvard gentlemen—who perform in white tie, tails, and lime green socks—have an enviable reputation for their impeccable musicality, snappy choreography, and hilarious antics.