Hey, all! A quick message!

In between our European and Asian legs of tour, the Dins take the time to decompress, relax, and explore, with a five day break to travel anywhere we set our sights on! It always comes at a much needed time, when we've all begun to get a bit tired from the non-stop traveling and performing.

This year, Dins travelled to a ton of different places throughout Europe and Asia!

A large group including Sydney, Sam, Michael, Kevin, and Peter went to Italy. While Michael's and Kevin's families came out to Europe for a family break, Sam travelled off to Florence and Peter headed out to Milan.

Also in Europe, Eli, Austin, and Patrick took the time to visit Vienna and Budapest, eating tons of Schnitzel (with vegetarian versions, too!), Sachertorte, and Viennese Wine!

In Asia, Sang-o took the time to completely relax with family in South Korea, also stopping over to make preparations for our eventual stop there, in Seoul!

Brian, Andrew, and Ethan headed out to Japan early to see Okinawa - right in the middle of a massive storm!

Here are some photos below from everyone's breaks! See you soon in Osaka, where we Dins will return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Eli Troen #250

Blog Manager