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2019 Fall Auditions

Drop by our Open Rehearsal on

  • Thursday, September 5th in Lowell Lecture Hall basement from 7:30-9 PM

Our spring preliminary auditions will be held on

  • Saturday, September 7th in Memorial Hall Room 303 from 2-5 PM

  • Sunday, September 8th in Memorial Hall Room 303 from 5-8 PM

  • Monday, September 9th in Memorial Hall Room 203 from 4-7 PM

The Audition Process

The Din & Tonics hold auditions each fall and spring. The audition process for the Din & Tonics is rigorous, but it’s also a lot fun. The process has two stages: preliminary auditions and callbacks.

Preliminary auditions: The preliminary audition, which lasts approximately 5 minutes, consists of a range test, some short pitch-matching exercises, and an optional sight-reading selection. Additionally, auditionees are asked to prepare a short solo in advance of the audition. Solos can be in any style with which an auditionee feels comfortable, and should be limited to about a minute in length.

Callback auditions: After all auditionees have been heard, the Dins select a small number who are “called-back” for the second stage of the audition process. During each of the three callback auditions, auditionees learn and perform selections of the group’s repertoire. Auditionees also have a chance to get to know the Dins themselves.

Once the nights of callback auditions are complete, the Din & Tonics welcome their newest members, who officially join the group the next morning.

The Dins don't discriminate on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, or religion - so we encourage people of all identities to come and audition!

Please feel free to contact our President, Trey Rogers, at president@dins.com with any questions about the audition process.

We hope to see you at our auditions!

About the Dins

The Harvard Din & Tonics are Harvard University’s signature jazz a cappella group, known for their rich tradition of musical and performance excellence. Their repertoire centers around American jazz standards, but also frequently includes pop, disco, and folk music. These world-touring Harvard students — who perform in white tie and tails, garnished with lime green socks — have an enviable reputation for their impeccable musicality, snappy choreography, and hilarious antics.





Watch Us Sing

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If you are interested in having the Din & Tonics perform for you, or if you would like our publicity package containing information, photos, and testimonials, please contact our Business Manager, Samson Mostashari, by visiting our contact page or by sending us an email at dins@dins.com

Equally at home providing elegant background music or headlining the event, the Dins make a memorable addition to any gathering, from corporate functions and fundraisers to birthday parties and weddings. Feel free to reach out to us, and we will work with you to create the perfect performance for your event and budget. 

Dins For Every Season

The Dins are available this holiday season to perform at your holiday party or event. With a full repertoire of holiday music in addition to our smooth jazz arrangements, the Dins are sure to make your festivities all the more cheery!


World Tour

Every other summer, the Dins embark on a round-the-world tour, stopping in some 15-20 countries over approximately 10 weeks. Check out the tour map below to see which countries we've visited before and those that we’ll be leaving a little bit snappier this summer! To follow the progress of our 2018 tour, read our tour blog, or check out the videos Peter has been making!

If you’re interested in having the Dins come and perform in your city, either during our winter tour or during our world tour, head to the "Contact" Tab or send us an email at dins@dins.com.

World Tour 2018:

May 28 - June 1: Reykjavik, Iceland
June 1 - June 5: London, United Kingdom
June 5 - June 7: Dublin, Ireland
June 7 - June 14: Zurich, Switzerland
June 14 - June 18: Strasbourg, France
June 18 - June 22: Paris, France
June 22 - June 26: Luxembourg
July 1 - July 4: Osaka, Japan
July 4 - July 6: Tokyo, Japan
July 6 - July 8: Choshi, Japan
July 8 - July 11: Shanghai, China
July 11 - July 13: Beijing, China
July 13 - July 18: Hong Kong
July 18 - July 22: Bangkok, Thailand
July 22 - July 29: Singapore
July 29- August 1: Seoul, Korea
August 1 - August 6: Sydney, Australia
August 6 - August 9: Seattle

To learn more about tour and the experiences the Dins have had, click the button on the right to read our 2018 Summer Blog!

Winter and Spring Tours

In addition to our biennial world tour, the Dins travel across the US each winter and tour to Barbados each spring break. This Winter tour will take place from January 4th through January 26th in Sarasota, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Chicago, and New York!


World Tour 2018


The Dins present: Citric

by The Harvard Din & Tonics

A brand new release from your friendly neighborhood Din & Tonics.