2019 Fall Auditions

Drop by our Open Rehearsal on

  • Thursday, September 5th in Lowell Lecture Hall basement from 7:30-9 PM

Our spring preliminary auditions will be held on

  • Saturday, September 7th in Memorial Hall Room 303 from 2-5 PM

  • Sunday, September 8th in Memorial Hall Room 303 from 5-8 PM

  • Monday, September 9th in Memorial Hall Room 203 from 4-7 PM

The Audition Process

The Din & Tonics hold auditions each fall and spring. The audition process for the Din & Tonics is rigorous, but it’s also a lot fun. The process has two stages: preliminary auditions and callbacks.

Preliminary auditions: The preliminary audition, which lasts approximately 5 minutes, consists of a range test, some short pitch-matching exercises, and an optional sight-reading selection. Additionally, auditionees are asked to prepare a short solo in advance of the audition. Solos can be in any style with which an auditionee feels comfortable, and should be limited to about a minute in length.

Callback auditions: After all auditionees have been heard, the Dins select a small number who are “called-back” for the second stage of the audition process. During each of the three callback auditions, auditionees learn and perform selections of the group’s repertoire. Auditionees also have a chance to get to know the Dins themselves.

Once the nights of callback auditions are complete, the Din & Tonics welcome their newest members, who officially join the group the next morning.

The Dins don't discriminate on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, or religion - so we encourage people of all identities to come and audition!

Please feel free to contact our President, Trey Rogers, at president@dins.com with any questions about the audition process.

We hope to see you at our auditions!